We Specialize in Intimate Catering

Grazing Platters

Grazing Platters

Our delicious grazing platters are perfect for larger gatherings and events. For convenient grazing platter catering that accommodates all of your preferences, our chefs can meet your needs.

Corporate Catering

Corporate Catering

We can provide corporate catering for everything from important business meetings through to large corporate events and functions. Discuss your catering requirements with our team today.

Private Chef

Private Chef

Have a dinner party or special event coming up and want to impress guests with a chef-prepared meal? Our private chef can cook a mouth-watering menu that takes dietary preferences into account.

Enjoyable & Comfortable

All food we prepare is made with the greatest care, with thought put into each and every flavour and ingredient used. This makes our food enjoyable for all, ensuring your guests will feel as comfortable and satisfied as possible.

Kitchen Table Caterers − One of the Best Catering Companies in Melbourne

As one of the leading catering companies in Melbourne, Kitchen Table Caterers can provide excellent catering services for your special occasion or event. Whether you’re planning a birthday celebration with friends and family or a corporate function with work colleagues and clientele, we can make sure your guests have access to delicious foods and refreshing beverages.

Our professional catering specialist can provide catering solutions that make your special occasion far more memorable. We guarantee that your guests will be impressed by the calibre of our service and walk away at the end of the day feeling satisfied. You can rely on us to provide the very best catering in the Melbourne western suburbs, including Laverton North and beyond.

What We Can Do

Do you want to hold an outdoor BBQ on a warm and sunny day? Are you interested in organising platters with a range of options for guests to choose from? The team at Kitchen Table Caterers proudly offer a personalised service, taking dietary requirements and preferences into account to ensure everyone has something they can enjoy.

Our breadth of knowledge and extensive experience means we can cover the entire spectrum, from finger food catering to gourmet catering and everything in between. We even offer a private chef who can come to your home and cook up a storm for family dinner parties, romantic evenings and other intimate occasions. Our goal is to make sure everyone is well fed and refreshed.

Catering Services for Any Occasion

Our catering in the western suburbs Melbourne is perfect for any occasion. Our caterers have delivered excellent outcomes for events of all kinds, including wedding receptions and corporate functions as well as casual Christmas gatherings and much more. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and we’re fully capable of adapting our catering services to account for different situations and circumstances. For example, we can adjust our menus depending on whether we’re catering for breakfast, lunch or dinner. In addition, we can provide alternative options for people with strict diets or allergies. From vegetarian and vegan foods through to gluten-free and lactose-free foods, you can rest assured that our specialist caterers will meet your needs.

Discuss Your Needs with Us Today

If you’re looking for the very best gourmet catering companies, there’s no better choice than Kitchen Table Caterers. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do and how we can help. You can also request a quote and make a booking at your earliest convenience.

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Whether you need catering for a small family gathering or a large corporate event, discuss your requirements with the Kitchen Table Caterers team today.

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