About Us

It all started in 2007 when George & John EL -Khoury opened a small family business specialising in the finest coffee and corporate catering. By popular demand the family business expanded their corporate business by supplying over 50 companies, including The Greater Metropolitan Cemetery in Altona for over 2 years. Part of the expansion we managed to find a highly talented chef Jordano Ricardo merlo.

With 20 years experience, Jordano has a natural talent behind the stove and a passion to constantly create new recipes and he’s own whimsical food. Jordano has been Head Chef of top restaurant in Europe, his unique relationship with food allows him to turn basic and pure into complex and colorful. He’s mission is to turn the simple into magical food moments. They have have combined their friendship and years of restaurant and catering expertise to create KITCHEN TABLE CATERING (KTC). KTC works tirelessly to bring the freshest ingredients from local Melbourne markets to the neighbourhood shops. The team thrives on working close with the client to provide the best quality foods for their special occasion.


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