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Gourmet Catering for Events in Melbourne

Kitchen Table Caterers can provide gourmet catering services for a wide range of events in Melbourne. In addition to the more common events like birthday parties and weddings, we can also assist with quality catering for a range of less common and more infrequent events, including wakes, baptisms and Spring Racing Carnival parties. Whether you want to organise finger food catering for the baptism of a child or you’re interested in BBQ catering to celebrate the Grand Prix, our chefs can take your requirements into account and deliver the best catering services in the western suburbs of Melbourne and beyond.

Catering for Wakes & Life Celebrations

Wakes are social gatherings that often accompany funerals, giving friends and family of the deceased to come together and celebrate the life of someone near and dear to them. Kitchen Table Caterers can cater for wakes and life celebrations across Melbourne, offering a range of catering options including finger food catering and grazing platters that can help to provide comfort to mourners during a difficult time.

Celebrate a Baptism with Gourmet Catering

The baptism of a child is a special event that deserves to be celebrated with close family and friends. If you’re looking to host a gathering after the church component of the baptism, Kitchen Table Caterers can provide exquisite dishes that will help to complement this happy occasion. Our specialists can provide a range of gourmet catering options, including finger food and grazing platters.

Enjoy a Spring Feast with Spring Racing Carnival Catering

Spring is a special time of the year that brings people together to enjoy the beautiful weather. And when you throw in an exciting event like the Spring Racing Carnival, there’s no excuse not to hold a fun party or event to celebrate! Our caterers can meet all your needs when it comes to Spring Racing Carnival catering, providing everything from grazing platters and gourmet finger food catering through to mouth-watering spit roasts. Our delicious foods and refreshing beverages are sure to make your racing event a huge success.

Rev Up Your Party with Grand Prix Catering

Taking place in Melbourne in March each year, the Australian Grand Prix is an exciting event for car racing enthusiasts across the country. As a result, viewing parties are common that bring people together to watch the race along with great company and great food. If you’re planning a Grand Prix viewing party or gathering, Kitchen Table Caterers can provide a wide range of catering solutions, including options to appeal to every guest.

Enjoy Our Spit Roast Catering for Any Event

A great option all year round, our gourmet spit roast catering in the western suburbs of Melbourne is ideal for events of all kinds. Whether it’s a birthday party, a wedding or one of the events above, we can prepare a spit roast that you and your guests are sure to love. Our catering specialists can also prepare other dishes to complement your BBQ spit roast, including delicious salads and sides.

Taking Dietary Requirements into Account

If you or any of your guests have special dietary requirements that need adhering to, you can rely on our chefs to take these into account. We can accommodate food allergies and intolerances as well as special diets such as vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free. Simply inform us before your event and we can supply delicious alternatives.

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Whether you’re planning a baptism celebration, a Spring Racing Carnival party or another special event in Melbourne, don’t look past Kitchen Table Caterers for the very best gourmet catering services. Call our specialists today to discuss your event and request a tailored quote.

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